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Cash King Realty’s founders love real estate. CEO and broker, Marcus Price has been an avid real estate investor for close to 20 years and has built a large portfolio of properties from residential, to commercial and industrial, and even raw land.

When the founders looked at the real estate industry they knew it could be done more efficiently, while providing a better level of service to their customers. As it is, the real estate industry is made up of a patchwork of commission based subcontracted agents that range from some who’ll work cheap but who can’t even correctly fill out a purchase contract, to ones that go above and beyond in every aspect but charge a premium for their services.

Cash King Realty agents are salary based and trained in-house, so every client and customer receives a consistent industry leading level of service that is unmatched by any other company in the business.

A Systematic Approach to Real Estate

Drawing on their past experiences of building nationwide franchise systems, technology design and development, and professional advertising and photography services, the founders of Cash King Realty bring you the best of both worlds by providing EVERY customer with a suite of real estate services, all at a final cost of less than even the cheap agents.

Scale to Efficiency

Most brokers and agents operate out of their small office and pay for almost every service they need through third parties. Cash King Realty operates from its large lakefront state-of-the-art office facility which houses its management, graphics and advertising division, programmers, legal department, and conference facilities. Within a few blocks of the headquarters Cash King Realty has a 27,000 sq. ft. production facility for manufacturing every piece of signage it needs, and another dedicated wholly-owned shipping facility.

More Real Estate Services to Come

As it grows Cash King Realty is adding title and closing services, mortgage providers, renovation and decorating specialists, and insurance services, to make your real estate transaction one hundred percent seamless from the first contact to our follow-ups after the sale.

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