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Cash King Realty, by leaning on many years of business and real estate experience in a wide range of industries, brings you a listing service unmatched by its competitors.

Proven Systems to Get Your House Sold

Some brokers and agents may show up with a slick presentation packet to do a listing presentation, beyond that, they don’t actually have much of a system. Cash King Realty has a large, multi-department operation to handle your listing transaction efficiently and professionally. We have an in-house legal department, to make sure all of our paperwork is always one hundred percent compliant with every law, pricing experts to make sure your home is priced properly, advertising department, and production and installation department for your signage.

In House Specialties

By doing everything in house, from our in house licensed legal oversight, designing the advertising for promoting your home, taking professional photographs for EVERY listing, 3D tours for EVERY listing, to even printing the signage for your home in our 27,000 sq. ft. sign facility, and doing the actual installation, we have slashed our cost to provide all of these premium services to a level no other broker can match.

Legal Oversight

Professional Photography

3D Virtual Tours

Professional Signage

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